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New Wallace Elementary/Middle School officially opens its doors

New Wallace Elementary/Middle School officially opens its doors

Monday night’s meeting of the Marlboro County Board of Education had a celebratory tone, as Janice Henson, principal of Wallace Elementary/Middle School, appeared with the following message: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

She referred, of course, to the new Wallace school, which had opened that very day. She said students and staff alike were thrilled with the new school, and she expressed gratitude to the board and administration for making it possible.

“We have a school that we can be proud of, and that our children deserve,” said Henson.
In response, the district superintendent, Dr. Helena Tillar, thanked Henson and her staff, as well as the district’s technology, maintenance and custodial staff, for a smooth transition to the new school.

The public will have the chance to see it very soon, as an open house has been scheduled for Sunday, February 28, at 3 p.m.

In her monthly report to the board, Tillar said the district must decide how to dispose of equipment that remains in the old Wallace school and will not be moved to the new school.

Board member Danny Driggers pointed out that the old Blenheim school gym, which Marlboro County now owns and operates for recreation, needs an HVAC unit and could benefit from the old one in Wallace.

Tillar said the district may donate items such as the HVAC unit to government entities. Some items may also be used in other schools as needed. And she suggested an auction to deal with the remaining items.