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Marlboro County could see more job growth under new plan

Marlboro County could see more job growth under new plan

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The unemployment rate is visible in Marlboro County.

“You go into McDonald’s, you don’t have teenagers working at McDonald’s, you have the older ones working at McDonald’s,” said Marlboro County resident James Quick.

Marlboro County is listed in the top 5 places for people unemployed, according to state statistics.

As part of a strategy to lower the jobless rate, Marlboro County Council approved second reading for tax incentives for a company looking to help fix the problem.

Marlboro County Economic Development Director Roy Munnerlyn says the project is called “Project Custom”.

Munnerlyn says county officials are not able to release the name of the company until county council approves a third and final reading. But he says ‘Project Custom” could bring a $50 million investment along with more than 150 jobs to Marlboro County.

“It is something we are really excited about but like any economic development project until a deal is done then it is not a sure thing but that being said, we feel good about the project and we think it will have obviously a very positive impact on the county,” explained Munnerlyn.

James Quick says ultimately the project could also break the cycle of crime and violence committed by young adults.

“If they are out working then they won’t be out in the streets, you know we won’t have to worry about our youth killing each other, therefore that will give them something to benefit from,” Quick mentioned.

In an effort to lower unemployment local officials are considering fresh steps to bring in more jobs.

“We obviously are at a disadvantage because we are not immediately on the interstate but we are in close proximity to the interstate and those things we are beginning to market and push and they are resulting in interests like this company,” Munnerlyn explained.

Marlboro County Council will have a third and final reading on “Project Custom” in a council meeting next month.

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